• What is Dexplore
Dexplore is an all in one asset tracking and analytics platform built on the Ton Blockchain and powered by it’s utility token DXP
  • Who Can Use The Dexplore Platform
Anyone can use the Dexplore platform, as there will be some useful free features, while the more advanced features will be accessed by users who hold a certain amount of the Dexplore tokens in their ton wallets.
  • Will The Dexplore Platform Be Used to Track Assets On Other Blockchain
The Dexplore platform will be a dedicated to tracking and analysing assets on the Ton Ecosystem. We might be able to support other blockchains in the future.
  • Which Wallet Will Be Used to Access The Dexplore Platform
The Dexplore platform can be accessed using Ton compatible wallets like Tonhub and Tonkeeper, other ton based wallets will be integrated later.
  • Who Will Benefit From The Dexplore Platform
One can argue that a protocol built on the Ton Blockchain should only be beneficial to the Ton community, however we beg to differ; Imagine traders on the Ethereum Network looking to invest on the Ton Ecosystem, this will be quite a difficult task not knowing where to start from, Dexplore will provide such people looking to come into the Ton space with an all ensuite Platform for better analysis on their interested asset on the Ton ecosystem.
  • Why Are We Building On Ton
It was an easy decision for the team to build on the Ton Blockchain as it's quite different from most Blockchains currently existing now and Ton blockchain has a major advantage. The user adoption.
Telegram has millions of users already, so the adoption will be exponential.
Last modified 1yr ago