Our Mission
Dexplore is working on building a real time on chain cryptocurrency analytic platform which will guide both newbies and Pro traders in making better trading decisions. We aim to bring all available tools for proper market analytics on one simplified and yet efficient user interface for a surface to in-depth analysis of Cryptocurrencies on the Ton Blockchain.
Dexplore platform will effectively streamline and also be constantly innovating novel ideas and tools to the Dexplore platform, effectively we will be bringing never seen before features to the platform.
Problem Statement.
Lots of new projects have been springing up on the Ton ecosystem and sadly a whole lot of Shady and Rug-pull projects will be springing up too.
Up until now, there hasn't been any Ton Dedicated Crypto Asset Tracking and analytics platform to help Ton holders and investors and traders alike to make detailed and proper analysis of any Ton project.
There also hasn't been an all in one suite platform to vet contracts, display audit certifications, price charts, price action alert, check for community engagement, research social networks numbers in a simple but easy to navigate interface.
The Dexplore Solution
Dexplore will serve as the go to place for Ton Native assets Tracking and Analysis.
Dexplore will optimize, improve and add value to the core operations of the Ton ecosystem by providing real time on chain cryptocurrency analytics which will guide investors and traders in making better trading decisions.
Dexplore Features
Dexplore platform will offer users live data feed from Blockchain, cryptocurrency exchanges, social media and Auditors and will also be able to Check and calculate your crypto holdings fungible and none fungibles.
  • Price Analytics: The Dexplore app will have live price data feed from CEX/DEX while incorporating technical analytic tools for technical traders to make more informed decisions while our AI features which will be able to analyse data from millions of sources for sentimental or fundamental analytic point of view.
  • Trading Notifications: Users will be able to execute trades directly on the Dexplore platform with a built in AMM functionality, custom user notifications for Exchange listings via email, live tracking and notifications.
  • Social Analytics: Dexplore platform will include smart AI aggregation from social media.
  • Contract Vetting and Audits: Assets will go through Audit certification checks and if passed will be provided with a visible score on the Dexplore platform. Contract security quality scores through risk detection (e.g. locked liquidity, token mint functions, wallet holder balance, contract ownership status, token transfer and trade functions, etc.)
  • Upcoming IDO’s & Presale: AI powered tool which draws together and monitors aggregated metadata feeds of all Early Opportunity Assets into a smart alert system.
These and other features which will be unique to the Dexplore platform will form part of its ecosystem.
Dexplore The Feature of Defi
Dexplore will be a one stop Defi analytics platform for the ever growing Ton Ecosystem, being the first of it's kind on the Ton Network, we will give user the much needed tools and insight to make informed decisions about different crypto assets on the Ton Network.
The Dexplore platform will be made to be secure and trust-less, the model of decentralised finance is naturally Trustless, and it should be kept that way when building decentralised applications. There should be no human interaction at any critical points of decentralised applications to avoid any malicious intruders. This trustlessness of blockchain technology has attracted most of the public, especially the privacy-conscious ones who do not want any centralised authority to access their precious data or funds. Dexplore is centralised only up to the point where human interaction is needed to keep the platform maintained and update
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